Now that Aussie weed farming is an actual legit thing that doesn’t involve your insane mate Robbo from up the coast growing some cheeky bush weed in the ditch behind his house, medicinal marijuana growers are implementing some pretty gnarly security measures.

Very tight legislation means that growers need to ensure that their dank, dank kush is completely secure from the paddock to the processor. That means security that absolutely exceeds the aluminium baseball bat oldmate Robbo keeps under his bed.

An ABC report today points out “fingerprint scanners, motion sensor laser alarms, security teams and top secret locations” as measures being implemented by growers. Yes, for weed farms. Not for some kind of secret government facility where they store crashed UFOs.

Adam Benjamin from Medifarm, a Sunshine Coast-based company which is the first in Queensland given the right to grow weed, told the ABC about some of the measures and help they’ve had implementing them.

“Some of these conversations are exciting when you have senior police who have come to the facility to look at what you’re doing,” Benjamin said.

“We have also had military advisors come in. When even they are quite impressed by what we’re doing, we know we are doing the job right.”

The area where the weed is being grown must be kept top secret to keep info from would-be thieves, and transport vehicles need to be utterly safe from hijackers. Gotta say that the idea of a high-speed weed heist on a Queensland highway sounds like an absolutely boonta scene from an Australian version of Breaking Bad. Get on it, Stan.

Part of the appeal for thieves is obviously the massive value. Benjamin told the ABC that this shit is unsurprisingly very valuable. “Medicinal cannabis oils in their pure forms [cost] around the same as gold, around about $US30,000 per kilo or litre, which sounds like a lot but that is a pure form,” Mr Benjamin said.

There ya go. Would be weed thieves… get yer bloody hand off it.

Source: ABC.

Photo: The Simpsons.