An Aussie bloke and video journalist who was seriously injured in a hit-and-run in the United States earlier this year has smashed his crowdfunding target of $17k in just five days.

Jim Medcraft, 37, whose VJ career has seen him work with Hayden James, Alison Wonderland and The Aston Shuffle, was on the losing end of a pedestrian vs car incident in February this year, while on tour in Austin, Texas.

He ended up in hospital with broken ribs, collapsed lungs, a broken spine, fractured collarbone, a lacerated liver, a subdural hematoma, minor brain damage, and both fibula tibias crushed.

To complete this clusterfuck of bad luck, Medcraft wasn’t able to claim compensation (because the driver was never found), and then all his VJ gear was stolen while he was doped up on morphine.

Now that he can actually stand again – something that’s only been possible since YESTERDAY – Medcraft decided it was time to “swallow my pride” and try and crowdfund some moolah.

“Having stood on my feet for 1st time since February yesterday, the prospect of being able to get back to work again is finally feeling quite real… but not having the tools is going to be a real hurdle,” he wrote.

If I get more then enough for new lappy I will put money towards mobility scooter. Hopefully I won’t be wheelchair based for too long but I wont be able to travel longer distances for a fair while … so I have no chance of hatching ‘Pokemon Go’ eggs.

Mate. Preach.

Anyway, Medcraft managed to raise a solid $20k in five days, and is now looking to put some of that into his ongoing physio.

“It has being quite humbling,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV of the community support. “I wasn’t expecting this. I don’t even know how I can thank everyone enough.

“What is more import then the cash value is the support and the knowledge that so many people out there care. It can be a bit isolating sitting in a rehab hospital just working on physio all week long.

“You can start to feel a little separate from the rest of the world and the longer it goes on the more worried you get about how much of your old life is going to be there. You do also become institutionalised just getting used to the same old pattern of hospital life and I don’t think you push yourself when that happens, it’s great to have people remind you that the is a world out there that still cares about me and wants me out of here.”

If you’d like to make a donation, head to his GoFundMe page here.

Photo: Supplied.