Aussie Teen Shot In Paris Attacks Details Horror In ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Tassie teen Emma Parkinson was one of only a few Australians caught up in last Friday’s (or Saturday AEST) horrific Paris attacks, when she was shot during the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan Theatre.
The 19-year-old Hobart local had relocated to Paris from Germany for a tutoring job just 10 days before the terror act, which saw at least 89 people killed by gunmen who opened fire inside the concert hall as part of co-ordinated attacks capital-wide.
She was shot in the hip by an AK-47 during the massacre, and is now recovering out of hospital – her mother, Lisa, is by her side after she flying over from Hobart – after successful surgery to clean the wound. 
Emma’s now given an exclusive interview to Channel 9’s ’60 Minutes’, to air this Sunday night, in which she details the events of that horrific night. 
She told reporter Ross Coulthart she was metres from the stage when ‘firecrackers’ were let off, only to realise seconds later the terrifying reality.
“She realises in a second that people are shooting at them as people are dancing on the dancefloor,” Coulthart told “She falls to the floor and after a few seconds lying on the floor, somebody says ‘run!’.

“She gets up with a few other people and as she’s climbing over a small wall or ledge on the edge of the room, her body’s over the top of a wall and she feels a slap on her thigh and it turns out she’s been shot and the bullet has gone straight through her.” 

“She’s bleeding, there are dozens of other people in the same stairwell in the building, she’s absolutely stricken with fear and terror the killers are going to come up those stairs. All through those two hours there’s machinegun fire from outside and the sobs and screams from people around her who have all been shot.”

People have been quick to criticise Emma for sharing her story, but 60 Minutes say she won’t be profiting from the interview, choosing instead to make a Red Cross donation.
Also: give the girl a break.
60 Minutes airs this Sunday at 8:10pm on Channel 9.
Lead image via 60 Minutes.