Swimming coach Dean Boxall has become an Aussie icon after going absolutely boonta following Ariarne Titmus‘ huge win.

Titmus won gold in the 400m freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics, and the race was so intense that wheelchair basketball player Dylan Alcott joked about nearly standing up with excitement.

In a video that’s since gone viral on online, her swimming coach Boxall can be seen ripping his mask off, screaming and whooping with joy and literally humping the barriers as he jumps around shouting with glee.

Obvs the mask should have stayed on, but the sheer enthusiasm and joy of his excitement was so contagious that even the security guard trying to get him to contain himself ended up clapping along with him.

It seems Boxall is known for his passion, with Ian Thorpe commenting that he’s “the kind of guy who does wear his heart on his sleeve.”

Titmus’ response to Boxall’s wild celebration was just as wholesome and emotional.

“He means everything to me,” she said.

“We didn’t discuss what I wanted to do in the pool. It was more of a have fun moment. We practised this for so long. I just knew what I had to do when I got out there.”

Boxall was sobbing tears of joy by the time Titmus made it onto the podium, and their adorable relationship makes me want to do a happy little jig, too.

“It was actually hard to contain it. I could see Dean on the other side bawling his eyes out,” Titmus said after putting on the gold medal.

“You don’t see that often so that made me want to tear up.”

With the first Australian gold medal being won by the women’s 4x100m freestyle relay, it looks like Aussie women are having a huge moment at the Tokyo Olympics and we couldn’t be prouder.

Though maybe not as proud as a certain chaotic swimming coach. Either way, all I can say is yeah the girls!