Aussie Study Shows Life Would Be Way Better If Dogs Were Allowed In Pubs

Because obvious science is obvious, a study has shown that life would be better if dogs were allowed in public places, like the pub. 

The study from La Trobe University surveyed 2,300+ poochie-owning Victorians and found 63% of dogs were not walked daily, and loads of pets were left alone for the vast majority of the day.

Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said that the stats could be because of our restrictive laws.

“In England or Scotland or New York [for example] they are always getting exercise because they go everywhere with their owner. In Australia they can’t go everywhere with their owner, like a pub … They can in Europe and most parts of America and the UK.”

Mr Beatty said the lack of exercise was also due to bad attitudes, carelessness and laziness:
“Unfortunately some people seem to think that owning an animals is a right rather than a privilege. With that privilege comes certain responsibility.”
Pupper owners, that responsibility also means making sure your pooch doesn’t get ~too turnt~ and fall asleep at the bar, like this Shibe has:
Ugh, he always does this when it’s time to pay the tab. Bloody drongo. 
via ABC.