A Brisbane YouTuber, known for his videos on reptiles and snakes, is in a serious condition today after being bitten by one of his own snakes.

19-year-old Nathan Chetcuti was attempting to put his pet inland taipan back into its enclosure at his home on Sunday afternoon, when the venomous snake struck him.

His father was with him at the time and he was rushed to Redcliffe Hospital, where he remains alongside his family in an ongoing critical condition.

Nathan has his own popular YouTube channel called Australian Pythons And Other Reptiles which boasts 4000 subscribers and sees his videos showing off his reptile enclosure and discussing various types of snakes regularly reaching over 30,000 views.

Inland taipans are known to be extremely dangerous snakes and by some measures are considered the most venomous snakes in the entire world, with the potential to kill a fully grown adult in 45 minutes.

No recorded incidents have been fatal since current anti-venoms were introduced.

Source: 9 News
Image: YouTube