Aussie Santa Performs Xmas Miracle, Flags Down Flaming Truck In His Ute

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, ’cause watching all of the holiday’s traditions get repurposed ‘Strayan style is utterly hilarious: it’s a holiday that has a deep relationship with snow, but we’ve been cracking on with heatwaves for yonks. We trade the roasts for beach-side barbies. Our Santa Clauses ditch the sleighs for utes, and in this case they deliver the gift of telling other drivers “oi mate, yer trucks on fire!”

At least, that’s how we imagine the conversation between these merry gentlemen went. 

A recycling truck in NSW had its cargo of paper and cardboard set alight by the heat of the exhaust. Fortunately, the unnamed Santa (who was hurrying home in his ute from Queanbeyan to the North Pole, presumably) caught sight of it and told the driver what-for. 
Firies say the blaze had almost taken the whole truck by the time they rocked up – and Santa was there to see the whole thing. We don’t even want to know how hot it’d be in that suit. 

Fortunately they got it under control, and nobody was reported as injured. Only one explanation:


Story: ABC.
Photo: Twitter.