We will be brutally, brutally honest: there are very few things in this world that we care about as much as this. 

A country pub in Victoria, The Tatura Hotel, needs $$$ for renos. So they’re asking you for help, mates. They need donations, and are requesting you help them out with cold hard cash via a #CARNKANYE campaign, and the crowd-funding website, Indiegogo. (They’re doing pretty well, tbh.)

They’re even willing to ‘shamelessly’ name parts of the pub after donors’, including the pub stools, the bar mats, the tables, the car parks, the toilets, the pokie machines, the steak Dianne, anything really. You can even get an oil painting of yourself hung in the bar. 

Donate to a pub’s renovations? WTF, ‘HOW IS THIS EVEN NEWS‘, etc. etc. Except, they are also campaigning for Kanye West to play a gig at the pub, to help their cause. 

That’s right – Yeezus, in a country Victorian pub! (We shouldn’t have to say this, but in case there’s some diehard Yeezy fan who gets over-excited: Kanye has not confirmed, nor will he ever confirm, that he is playing at this event. It is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY he even knows it exists. But just on the off-chance, The Tatura Hotel wants you to donate anyway. Just in case, right?)

Here are some highlights from the absolutely INCREDIBLE campaign video:

~ Internet party ~ at The Internet’s Pub, The Tatura Hotel

This painting of Kanye West, that shows their dedication to Yeezus.

This endearing, optimistic community spirit.

Finally, this fuck-off amazing disclaimer.

Watch below, and you can donate to The Tatura Hotel’s reno/Kanye West Indiegogo page HERE.

God love ya, ‘Straya. 


via Indiegogo