More than a year after the terror attack on London Bridge that left 11 people dead, South Australian nurse Kirsty Boden is among those posthumously honoured by the Queen for bravery.

28-year-old Boden was dubbed “the angel of London Bridge” by British media, for her heroic actions during the attack.

As terrorists drove a van into pedestrians on the pavement of the crowded bridge, Boden, who’d been on a night out, rushed to the aid of other victims. She was stabbed in the chest by one of the attackers as she attempted to save the life of one of the injured.

Now, she’s been placed on this year’s Civilian Gallantry honours list, and has received the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

The citation reads:

It is without a doubt that Kirsty Boden displayed courage and compassion when, without concern for her own safety, she went to assist those who were injured.

People ran into nearby shops, cafes and restaurants, Kirsty (a nurse by profession) acted without hesitation and went to assist those injured in the courtyard area below London Bridge.

She could have taken cover to protect herself […] however, being a nurse, she took her training to care for others to the highest level.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has also paid tribute to the nurse, along with the Mayor of London, the Queen, and everyone whose life was touched by her bravery.

Source: ABC
Image: Metropolitan Police