Marriage Equality in Australia always seems to JUST be around the corner, with the push to end discrimination against same-sex couples constantly increasing in noise and size as we ebb towards inevitable success.

One group that is set to join the ranks in full force is that of Aussie lawyers with a new project kickstarted by Marque Lawyers titled ‘Two People’, hoping to better utilise and gather the super genius brains of our country’s law professionals.

Headed by outgoing Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs and UNSW’s Dean of Law George Williams AO, the campaign aims to eschew political and ideological approaches to marriage equality, instead focusing on the fundamental proposition of equality before the law.

Talking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Marque Lawyers Managing Partner Micheal Bradley spoke on the importance of the name ‘Two People’:

The idea was to underline just how simple this change is, it is literally as simple as replacing “a man a women” with “two people” and that’ll do it. And also to make clear this isn’t actually about gay marriage this is about equality. So not just two gay people but any two people who want to get married.

Micheal also believes the legal community, specifically, has a very important role to play in the battle for equality:

The point of focus on the legal community is because we think that fundamentally it’s a legal question. It’s a question of legal principal and lawyers should be speaking up for the law. Defending the law and speaking for change when it should happen. We think we should be doing more.

With new rumblings as recent as this week in the often frustrating campaign for marriage equality in this Australia, more diverse approaches and direct action campaigns such as these are incredibly welcome in helping us get through this (hopefully) final stretch towards success.

For more on the campaign head to the website here.

Image: Getty Images / FatCamera