Aussie Instagram Legends Share Their Most Game-Changing Images of 2014

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Sometimes we all just take a photo we’re so proud of we just want to show the world – via Instagram of course! We asked the Instagram finalists of our 2014 Blogster Awards powered by Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Intel to give us the inside story behind their biggest game-changing pic on Instagram.


This image changed everything for me – a dark, foggy drive down the Black Spur, a careful yet dangerous snap through the front window (I was not driving…), an upload, and an instant, life-changing moment. Instagram followed me and featured me as their suggested user!!!! VOTE

chose this picture because it was part of the very first photoshoot I
did. At the time, I wasn’t comfortable at all in front of the camera,
thus hiding (so to speak) behind my sunglasses. The feedback was really
positive, and spearheaded my blog forward into what it is today. VOTE

a guy whose wardrobe consists solely of navy, brown is a game-changer.
My most recent post features a handmade brown herringbone jacket, paired
with black three-ply trousers. It might not seem like a lot from an outside
perspective, but through the process of documenting my style, moving
left of field was a refreshing change. Like most of my suits, the jacket
is Italian influenced with unpadded shoulders and lightweight canvas. VOTE

started as a place to document recipe creations has truly changed my
life. In a recent Instagram post, I shared a photo and recipe for my
latest breakfast dish – Peanut Butter Pancakes. They were healthy and
gluten-free, but oh, were they decadent! I’d been craving peanut butter,
and this creation not only satisfied but also inspired me. I believe
indulgence is a healthy part of life, and I emphasise that to my
followers. Balance is sustainable – deprivation is not. That’s why I
started Treat Yourself Tuesday, which I introduced in that post. I
encourage my followers to treat themselves to a favourite indulgence
once a week so they never feel deprived. I want to set a positive
example of healthy living, and this is an incredible outlet to inspire.
While Instagram has changed my life, I hope that the JSHealth account
has had an impact changing others too. VOTE

I feel like this guy should be awarded for my success. I took this at Kangaroo Island earlier in the year, and it was shared on National Geographic’s social media accounts. DREAM MADE! Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to be a photographer for Nat Geo, and It was an awesome game-changing moment to inform me that perhaps one day soon, that dream could come true.  VOTE

One of my favourite game changing posts would have to be one involving a pair of $3 mens’ boxer shorts from K-Mart. I’m a huge lover of vintage hoarding and thrift shopping, so it definitely was a rad feeling when people got excited about these shorts, which were not only purchased cheaply, but showcased a giant leopard’s face on the front and were worn with a double hit of animal print. People then started tagging me in photos and showing me that they had gone out and bought the shorts too – I even saw a girl wear them to class at college! The ultimate trend trifecta of cheap and cheerful, menswear for women and pyjamas as daywear! VOTE

It was Violent
‘s set at Splendour In The Grass; the sun was setting over the
Ampitheatre when one man rose above them all, gumboot in hand. We all
know the rest of the story! This photo of mine went completely viral
after the boys grabbed it off my website. It reached over one million
people in the first 24 hours, and it was insane watching articles by
publications including Pedestrian.TV write about a photo I had taken!
From there, I have had an an interview and a few offers from others to
collaborate or to take photos. Violent Soho’s Splendour set,
the photos that came out of it and the guys themselves, with their
support they’ve given, have all been a major influence on my name reaching the public!


My BIGGEST game-changing pic on Instagram would have to be when I
started changing my style of post on Instagram seven months ago, leaning into more ‘fashion’-style photos, letting everyone know what I was wearing and
where you could purchase these items from. I didn’t realise that I had
such an influence on my followers or that they were interested in what I
had to post or say or even wear and what brands I was wearing, but apparently that’s the case. VOTE

This image was a shot taken by my boyfriend on a Sunday afternoon after we had enjoyed a fairly lazy morning, having brunch and stopping off at the local markets. It didn’t seem like anything special at the time, but my trusty uniform of Chuck Taylors and a pair of ripped jeans really struck a chord with my followers. It is still one of my highest liked pictures of all time & I feel it sums me up perfectly. VOTE

This shot was taken when I hosted The Color Run in Singapore. shot by local photographer Bobby Kiran, and it was my biggest game changer because it captured not only what The Color Run is all about but what I strive for in my own journey – a couple in a split moment of passion, love and happiness. These three things are what I believe life is all about and it is the best photo I have ever seen. VOTE

power of social media  means these days that an original artwork can be
shown in ‘galleries’ across the world simultaneously – amazing, isn’t
it? The downside of this phenomenon is that credit to the artist often gets lost,  while the advantage is that creativity can be shared and enjoyed by people
from all cultures and walks of life at the tap of a finger. This photo
changed the game for me personally and as an artist, when I realised
exactly how far around the world it was going, and how many people were
seeing it, enjoying it and reposting it. It is getting reposted and used
so often and on so many different social and media platforms (Candice
Swanepoel’s Instagram, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, and just this week on that the majority don’t even realise that ordinary me
created that picture. While I would absolutely love for others to know
and give credit, it’s enough I know. VOTE

This post was not necessarily a ‘game changer’, as I like to keep The Daily Knicker pretty aesthetically consistent, it’s one that sums up perfectly what I do. I reviewed ‘Jet’, a standout style in Agent Provocateur’s previous collection. Lingerie-lovers worldwide either bought this or wanted to, and those who did interestingly seemed to have wildly varying opinions on it. For that reason, it was great to share my personal experiences as a consumer, giving advice on a label I love, introducing pieces to people who might not have previously seen them and getting feedback from followers who had purchased this style. It’s a super cool, unique design and a quality product, photographed in a casually sexy manner, without being trashy or obvious – it’s just beautiful lingerie explained and shown clearly, whether for its own sake, or for followers who might have been thinking about buying this set themselves. VOTE

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