Aussie Insta-Model Keeps Right On Shaming Senders Of Unwanted Dick Pics

ICYMI, an interview with two Instagram models about their particular brand of justice for dudes who send them unsolicited dick pics went gang-busters viral over the weekend.

Aussie model Emily Sears (2.4 million Instagram followers) and her mate DJ Laura Lux (678k Instagram followers) have been making headline after headline for the last 24 hours, thanks to their habit of naming and shaming the douchebros who slide into their DMs with abuse and dick pics to their wives / girlfriends / sisters / etc.

“The reason I initially decided to take a stand and encouraged my female friends to do the same was because men simply weren’t listening or learning,”
 Laura wrote for Daily Life.

“‘Women don’t like unsolicited dick pics’ isn’t a new topic of conversation, it’s something that we’ve been having pretty consistent dialogue about for a number of years now. The thing is, there’s always been zero consequences for online sexual harassment so it doesn’t matter how many news articles are published, how many bloggers write about it, how many women tweet on the subject … men can still get away with doing it with absolutely no ramifications, so they simply don’t care.”

Emily – who receives, at a minimum, one to two dic pics per day – initially had the idea.

“We send the photos as a reminder for them to have respect for women,” Emily told Buzzfeed News. “I think it provides an accountability that people seem to lose online; being behind a screen gives people a false sense of anonymity.

“I have noticed since posting my responses as a warning that the number has been significantly lower. I think my followers are slowly getting the message.”

Yet, somehow, despite being very open about how she deals with this shit, plus every other media outlet covering the story over the last few days, it is STILL. HAPPENING.

Emily tweeted this one about four hours ago (at the time of writing):

Honest question: what will it take for men to stop pulling this kind of shit? Because Christ, enough is enough.

Source: Buzzfeed News / Daily Life.

Photo: Instagram.