Aussie Designer Calls Bullshit On Fashion Labels Making Coin Off Feminism

Before you decide to drop some $$$ on that real cute feminist shirt from Kmart or whatever other chain store is jumping on the femmo trend, stop and take a think about where that money is going. 

Is that money supporting womens refuges, or helping to provide sanitary items to homeless women? Where are your hard-earned dollahs going?
There’s a better option, from the team over at PREAM. They’ve just released their ‘Intersectional Feminist’ shirt, which smacks down the idea of capitalist feminism – that is, big brands that are very likely owned by old rich men who don’t give a shit about things like the alarming rates of sex trafficking or the women having to walk home at night with their keys between their knuckles. (It’s true, I’ve done this many times through the back streets of Newtown, extremely on edge.)
(Photo: PREAM.)
Felicity Jayn Heath, the boss lady of PREAM, tells Pedestrian.TV that the whole idea around profiting off feminism is the reason why they decided to step in and lead by example.

“I love seeing feminism at the forefront of discussions, but I’m so sick of seeing shirts and other items of clothing displaying pro-feminist messages when they’re purely for profit,” Felicity says.

“So I’m trying to keep these shirts affordable while trying to make a difference to them and that’s in USD – they’re $15 to make because we don’t use sweatshops and everything is made locally.”

Each shirt is $35USD, which means that $20 from each sale goes directly to FACESS – who help with the fight against sex trafficking and sexual slavery in the US. The profits from sales will be going to a different charity each month.

“‘Glittery capitalism’ is a good name for feminism for sale,” Felicity adds.
Felicity is an Aussie export, after moving from Umina Beach in the Central Coast to Los Angeles in 2013, and works on her ethical clothing label PREAM, and vegan catering company, Riot Grill.

Felicity Jayn Heath: GirlBoss & Intersectional Feminist. (Photo: PREAM/Danin Jacquay.)
Photo: PREAM/Vee Hertel.