Aussie Canine Hero Of “Red Dog” Fame, Koko, To Receive Feature Length Biopic

The adorable Kelpie and righteous legend Koko, infamous for his role in the Australian hit Red Dog, is set to receive his own Kewt Kelpie biopic in his honour. Straya: more enthusiastic about precious bb dawgs than people; as it should be.

Rocketing to infamy after his role in Red Dog, Koko since became Australia’s favourite canine talent after he made routine appearances on red carpets at award shows and on TV. Following the Red Dog tour around Australia in 2011 after the film’s release, Koko’s owner and Red Dog’s producer Nelson Woss retired Koko before his death from heart failure in December last year, aged 7. Woss now has plans, according to SMH, to honour Koko with a film adaptation of the dog’s life, ‘The Koko Story’, to begin production next year.  

Beyond starring in one of Australia’s most successful films, Koko was also known for his early days as a show dog and for his huge rise to fame – including winning the Golden Collar and being portrayed in the Archibald Prize – after his appearance in Red Dog; a life that must, according to Woss, be enough material to fill a feature length biopic. According to SMH, Woss claimed that in the Red Dog tour Koko “brought people together” and that  the film, “tells an inspirational story…It’s a terrific Rocky-esque story about a dog that no one knew he had any potential until he was cast in this role. He pulled off this incredible performance, then, when no one was really sure whether the movie was good or not, he was the one who took it on the road.” 

‘The Koko Story’, to be written and directed by Daniel Bunker, is seeking its ideal and star Kelpie to begin filming in 2014.


Via SMH.