Aussies Are Making The Best Of The Fires By Cracking Jokes On TikTok

Despite the devastation the on-going bushfires have caused vast tracts of NSW and Queensland, the resolve amongst residents is forever something to be marvelled at. Terrifying as the situation may be, Australians are finding ways to make the best of it, one of which is to poke gentle fun at the situation on TikTok.

Both the “#bushfire” and “#AustraliaFires” hashtags on ye olde Tok are awash with posts, mostly from people caught in the firing line, either taking the piss out of school closures, the fact that Australia’s fire warning scale has two levels above “severe,” or just about anything else to do with being shoved in the middle of an unfolding natural disaster.

Cop this run of some of the best currently floating around out there.

Even in a rough situation like the one everyone’s facing right now, it’s good to have a laugh.