Aussie Bro Clings To Moving Taxi For 150M, Lives To Tell The Tale Of Idiocy

On today’s episode of Idiots Of ‘Straya, brought to you by Pranks That’ll Get You Killed, we have a young Sydney man who decided it’d be super LOL to cling onto the bumper of a taxi and allow himself to be dragged down a busy road.
Dude travelled 150m after the car took off from traffic lights on the intersection of Redfern and Regent Streets, until he was flung loose when the car turned into Lawson Square, metres from the Redfern Police Station
He gets up to the whoops of mates, who are chuffed to have witnessed such an incredible display of dickheadery.

Footage has emerged on social media of a man holding on to the back bumper of a taxi in Redfern and being dragged for about 150 metres through an intersection.

Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald – on Monday, October 26, 2015

Someone called James Carthew posted the footage to social media and, while it’s not yet known if he was the prankster or just the filmer, his name was all the police needed to track him down and ask ‘WTF, bruh?’; a surprise to no one, his account is now set to private and the incriminating videos deleted.
Traffic and Highway Patrol plan to address the prank in a media conference this afternoon, confirming whether or not those involved will be charged.