Aussie Among Those Injured By Car That Ploughed Into Pedestrians In London

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that an Australian permanent resident is among the many injured after today’s terror attack outside the British House of Parliament. Turnbull spoke about the injured woman while addressing the attack during Question Time today. 

ABC journalist Leigh Sales also reported on Twitter that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop confirmed that “a foreign national living in Australia is in hospital in London.”
According to Sales, the injured woman is originally from Germany, but lives in South Australia. She was injured when the car that drove into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge ran over her foot, but she is recovering. 
Turnbull took the opportunity in Parliament today to attempt to reassure the Australian public: 
Our agencies are today as every day working relentlessly and tirelessly to keep our people safe.

“We are very alert to the vulnerabilities of places of mass gathering and open spaces and the risk of relatively unsophisticated attacks, like that perpetrated in London.

“Keeping Australians safe is our highest priority. It is our most solemn, our supreme obligation.”

Police presence in and around the Australian Parliament House has been increased in the wake of the London attack.
Source: Huffington Post.
Image: Anadolu Agency / Getty.