The sharing economy is all about connecting people who have a thing with people who want thing, with none of that nasty business in the middle like contracts or laws. For instance, Uber lets you rent out your car and your spare time, Airbnb lets you rent out your entire apartment or just the tiny, weird, creepy loft that people still want to pay $50 a night for.

WelcomeOver is basically the same idea but with your kitchen, letting you either rent out your mad cooking skillz and your dining area or pay a stranger to cook you a meal in their own lovely domicile.

Aussie “Airbnb For Food” Startup Wants You To Let Randos Cook Your Dinner

It’s free to list your home ‘restaurant’ on the service but the app makes its money from charging the diners a 20% surcharge on top of what the hosts have costed the experience at. So far they’ve only got 11 houses on the app (one of them in Guatemala!) but that number should expand soon.

Founded by 3 tech nerds from Sydney‘s eastern suburbs, they say their goal is to get people talking over the dinner table again and to let them show off their culinary skills.

Prospective hosts are vetted by the app guys, who dine with them before letting them list, and have police checks done on them beforehand just in case they are one of those Hannibal-esque murder-chefs.

Aussie “Airbnb For Food” Startup Wants You To Let Randos Cook Your Dinner

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: Getty Images / NBC.