Aus Chamber Used IWD To Celebrate Penalty Rate Cuts & Twitter Is Ropeable

Happy International Women’s Day! That most wonderful time of the year where the most outrageously smug men alive crawl out of the woodwork to screech about one day on the calendar being in celebration of a gender who have been socially and economically disadvantaged for thousands of years. It’s great.
If that part doesn’t ruin the day for you, we also have brands attempting to leverage the day for personal gain in hamfisted and bizarre ways. Take this pearler from the Australian Chamber of Commerce:

What better way to honour women than by celebrating cuts to penalty rates to service industry jobs – cuts that will disproportionately affect women due to their higher representation in hospitality and retail? If you can’t quite follow their logic (understandable), their argument is that it will see an increase in employment in those sectors.
Sounds good, right? Well, no. If it leads to more hours for existing employees, it essentially means they will have to work more hours to earn the exact same amount of money (happy International Women’s Day!). If it leads to the employment of new staff, it means that those existing employees will just be earning less for doing the same work they were before. Yay! Women! Yay!
As Dr Jim Stanford of the Centre for Future Work told ‘The Huffington Post‘, there’s no evidence the penalty rate cuts will even increase staff hours:
“In retail and hospitality the economics are very clear, it’s the amount of consumer spending that determines whether a store will stay open and you cannot increase demand by contributing lower level wages.

“This is not going to suddenly encourage more stores and restaurants to open on Sundays, all its going to do is impose a bit more hardship on people whose incomes were already inadequate.”
Not to mention this is coming from one of the many lobby groups that, despite heavily arguing that we’re a secular society and Sundays don’t mean anything anymore, refused to answer their phones on a Sunday when the ‘Sydney Morning Herald‘ tried to get comment. Nice. 
Understandably, people online are pretty pissed:

Even Greens senator Scott Ludlam got in on the action:

Be bold for change my ass.
Photo: Twitter.
Source: Huffington Post.