Aung San Suu Kyi’s political party, the National League for Democracy, has unofficially declared themselves the winners of Myanmar’s first freely-contested election in decades.

While it may be several days before the results are officially confirmed, Ms. Suu Kyi said her party had won around 75% of contested seats – a large enough majority to defeat the military-supported Union Solidarity Development Party, who have been in power since 2011. 

That’s a seriously big deal, as Myanmar (formerly Burma) has been under military rule in one way or another for the past fifty years. Ms. Suu Kyi won a Nobel Peace Prize due to her non-violent opposition to the frequently brutal regime, and the election result may be more vindication for her cause.

Technically, she will not become president. The nation’s laws prohibit her from holding that title due to her children not being Burmese. Still, she said the party’s official president would follow her rulings. Veeery clever.

While the elections haven’t been perfect, they have already been a massive leap towards full democracy for the nation.

Story via The Guardian.

Image: Lauren DeCicca via Getty.