ATTN: Melbourne – Phone Reception In The City Loop Has Been Turned On

If you’ve taken a train through Melbourne‘s City Loop the past day or so and found it odd that your phone reception doesn’t shit the bed between stations like it normally does, you can relax. It’s not just a weird fluke.

The CBD train tunnel has officially had mobile reception turned on throughout its entire 12km stretch, meaning people on phone calls will no longer have to hang up at Southern Cross or Flinders Street until they reemerge at Jolimont, Richmond, or North Melbourne.
The Andrews State Government has announced the turning on of phone reception, ending a 15 year blackspot following the implementation of reception at Melbourne’s three underground rail stations.
3G call reception will now be available all through the tunnel, as well as 4G data reception.
State Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allen stated that, “This ends years of frustration for passengers, who would be in the middle of a conversation only for their phone to cut out when they entered the loop. Passengers can now text, talk and stream from their phones or tablets anywhere in the city loop.”

Just a heads up, Melbourne. This means you’ve probably got another month – tops – to use the “I’m on a train going into the loop” excuse for bailing on a dud/boring phone call.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
Photo: Michael Dodge via Getty Images.

via ABC News.