Sometimes you think you have a cool day at work and then an astronaut from Canada uploads a pictures from his ‘office.’ Such is life.

Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques often uploads pictures from space – literal space. In December 2018, Saint-Jacques soared to the International Space Station to conduct Canadian and international science experiments and technology demos. According to his profile, he’s been outta this world for [checks notes] 193 days as of June 13. 

Not to mention, this is his first-ever mission.


Look at him with his roommates!

Anywho, during the long weekend Saint-Jacques shared a picture of Uluru that he captured from the International Space Station. It’s simply extraordinary.

“Sunrise over the sacred Uluru, a.k.a Ayers Rock of central Australia,” he tweeted. “I was impressed how easy it was to spot from space.” 

a) what a remarkable sentence

b) what a remarkable sentence

A few weeks earlier, the astronaut also shared this bloody beauty of Central Australia from high above.

I, uh, I fell into a bit of a deep dive here so behold – a video showing what happens to honey in zero-gravity.

Be sure to check out his feed if you want to know what the Sahara Desert looks like from the International Space Station. Or the Nile River, the mountains of Colorado, the glaciers of New Zealand, or Europe at night with all the twinkling lights.



Stalk him, stalk him now.

Source: ABC Brisbane
Image: Twitter / David Saint-Jacques