In a better-late-than-never push to get Aussies vaccinated against COVID-19, the National Cabinet has agreed to a new scheme giving indemnity to GPs who administer the AstraZeneca jab to people aged under 60. Basically, we can all get vaccinated now, regardless of our age.

Finally, after young people have been begging for a chance to be vaccinated for ages, the National Cabinet has agreed to give GPs indemnity if they administer the AZ vaccine to people who ask for it, regardless of if they are under 60 years old.

What that means is you can now just talk to your GP and make an “informed decision” to request getting the AZ vaccine. If you accept the extremely rare blood clot risk, the GP is protected from any legal action and can administer the vaccine to you.

Until now, medical advice was that only people over 60 were to be given the AstraZeneca jab, with the youngest being 50. People under that age were recommended to only receive the Pfizer vaccine. Because that’s what the recommended health advice was, GPs were hesitant to provide the vaccine to anyone under that age over legal risks.

Now, GPs can “actively engage with you and you can make the best decision for your health,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

“If you wish to get the AstraZeneca vaccine, we would encourage you to … go have a discussion with your GP.”

The news comes as the National Cabinet also announced COVID-19 vaccinations would become mandatory for all aged-care workers.

“Imposing on a person the requirement to have a vaccine or not be able to work in a particular sector is something that no government would do lightly and as a result we have ben considering this matter for some time now based on the best possible medical advice,” Scott Morrison said.