You are like, 50% legs. Half of you is legs. 

But not according to British fashion retailer ASOS

They think we are all at least 70% legs. Or giants. Or both. Because they’re sending out jeans that have legs far beyond normal lengths. 

A man on Twitter called George Riggall was retweeted nearly 20,000 times this week after he very rightly pointed this grievous malpractice of pant-making. The poor bloke mainly just seemed very, very confused about the supposed 32″ length denim he’d purchased:

And people are rolling about laughing about what happened here:

But it turns out George wasn’t alone in his sartorially-stretched dilemma:

On the bright side, tall people seem stoked:

What a beautiful party of very long pants this is. On the other hand – is ASOS okay?

Source: Twitter. 

Photo: Twitter.