Australia’s Spy Agency Is Looking For New Recruits Via A Very Lame Online Quiz

If you’ve ever been compelled to be a faceless appendage of the security intelligence state, then you’re in luck! The Australian Secret Intelligence Service is looking for new recruits, via a kinda cringey ‘virtual reality’ online test called ‘The Most Interesting Job Interview’.

ASIS – not to be confused with ASIO, which is a different thing – is Australia’s foreign intelligence agency. Our spy agency, in other words. Don’t get too excited. Most espionage is not sexy, and involves a shitload of spreadsheets and data analysis. You probably don’t even get to kill terrorists with your bare hands, or whatever it is you’re fantasising about.

The test, which takes about five minutes, identifies pattern recognition, listening skills and attention to detail as things ASIS is looking for in recruits. It’s also very lame, despite the fact it’s clearly an expensively slick production. ASIS spent money on this instead of wining and dining Chinese government officials, or whatever it is they do.

Julie Bishop confirmed that ASIS needs to do unusual outreach to find recruits, due to the secrecy of the job.

Applicants are invited to take what will be the most interesting job interview they are likely to face, which will identify those smart, perceptive, empathetic individuals with the ‘human intelligence’ to work for ASIS. While these qualities are special, they are not unique. The same skills are required for a variety of professions ranging from teaching to customer service. Potential applicants could come from diverse backgrounds.

Anyway, you can take the test here if you like. Go on then. Become a spy.