Asian-American Doc Shares Shock Tales Of Racist Patients Refusing Her Help

In a world saturated with images of groups of white supremacists wandering the streets covered in swastika tattoos and openly doing the Nazi salute, it can be easy to forget about the day-to-day bullshit that victims of racism are forced to deal with.

Enter Esther Choo, a woman who recently took to Twitter to share her experiences as an Asian-American doctor working in an emergency room in Oregon, a place that is home to its share of white nationalists. What this means, she explains, is that a few times a year, a racist fuckstick comes into the emergency room, and refuses to allow Choo to treat them, because of her race.

Choo, who seems like a deadset legend, explains what those moments are like when she is confronted, one on one, with such pure unadulterated racism.

Racism against her, when she is just trying to do her job, and actually help the person in front of her, and maybe even save their goddamn life.

They would rather put their health in some intern who doesn’t know what they are doing, instead of a very experienced doctor, purely because of race. Sickening.

Choo understandably received a lot of praise, including from Chelsea Clinton, who Tweeted the thread and thanked Choo for sharing her story, and for the care she provides.