A parachutist from the Royal Australian Army’s Red Berets has been taken to hospital with a suspected broken pelvis, following a pre-match accident ahead of today’s Sydney Swans v Western Eagles clash at the Sydney Cricket Ground. 

Video has emerged of the incident, which sees several parachutists descend on the ground in formation. After two make the landing successfully, the third comes in at a sharp angle, before hitting the ground at considerable speed. 

Fair warning: the clips definitely aren’t pleasant viewing. 

The third guy gets stretchered off with a broken leg. That was soooo loose! #parachute #scg #anzacday

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#army #fail #parachute #footy #SydneyVsWestcoast #ambulance

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ABC reports an Ambulance NSW spokesperson said the parachutist was being treated for injuries to the leg and pelvis. He’s now receiving treatment at St Vincent’s Hospital. 

The display was part of the ANZAC Day weekend commemorations at the ground. 

The Red Berets are all elite parachutists with full military certifications, and they compete at an international level, making this kind of accident all the more unusual. Get well soon, mate. 

Source: ABC / The Age.
Photo: Marley Savolainen / Instagram.