CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses alleged sexual assault.

Another day has dawned, and another day Armie Hammer has managed to keep himself in our collective thoughts, with goss coming in that he apparently believes he’s being “kink shamed by the internet”.

In texts and voice messages published by the Daily Mail, Armie complained to a friend in the wake of several women alleging his aggressive, abusive behaviour and cannibalism ideation that he was feeling “a bit overwhelmed” and that it was “very invasive and shitty to get kink shamed by the internet”. Which, I mean, tell yourself whatever you need to, I guess.

armie hammer instagram dm[Image: Instagram / Daily Mail]

An anonymous woman who was apparently chatting with Armie on his public Instagram – not the finsta that was leaked last month – shared screenshots of their conversations to the Daily Mail, which detail his asphyxiation fantasies and involvement with consensual non-consent. Oh, and his fear of spiders.

armie hammer instagram dm[Image: Instagram / Daily Mail]

When discussing what they like and what they fear, Armie allegedly went into detail about how he likes “choking someone out” during sex, and that sex itself is his “favourite drug”.

“Pleasure, choking someone just to the point where they are about to pass out,” he wrote.

“But timing it with when they are coming to cum so they come to while they are cumming and lose their shit.”

Look, if the explicit consent is there and everyone’s very clear and comfortable with this kind of sub/dom play, then sure. Go for it.

Armie went on to talk about how he believes he should be “outside of his comfort zone” as much as possible, to…help with his artistry?

“I believe that I should be outside of my comfort zone at all times,” he continued.

“Or else you aren’t growing. As an artist anyway.”

Ah, a classic line from the Tortured Artist/Fuckboy’s Handbook, gotta love that.

Other messages show Armie seemingly chatting about his experiences with consensual non-consent – an area of the BDSM community that involves deep trust and very clear communication between all parties involved.

The messages claim that he had a CNC dynamic with a woman, who he would “kidnap” and explained to her that he did it because “I knew she wanted it”. He would then tell her he was “going to keep her and use her as long as I wanted”.

armie hammer instagram dm[Image: Instagram / Daily Mail]

PEDESTRIAN.TV is not implying that this wasn’t a CNC dynamic, nor are we claiming he is guilty of abuse.

Other messages also allegedly detail Armie gloating that he’s had “a lot of offers from girls who said I can eat pieces of them”, leaning into the allegations of cannibalism and hyper-violence.

Armie has not responded to these fresh allegations or claims of kink-shaming at the time of writing.

With all the other allegations about Armie’s behaviour, you simply have to take everything he’s apparently said here about kink-shaming with a massive grain of salt.

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