Lucky Arizona Family Finds Free Rattlesnakes Hiding In Their Pool Noodles

While Australia is certainly one of the world’s most snake-centric countries, we don’t entirely have a monopoly on snakes. It might feel like we got all of them while the rest of the world got – I don’t know – squirrels or something, but there are, in fact, a fairly large number of the limbless bastards slithering their way around outside the confines of our charmingly quaint island home.

Take, as an example, Arizona. There are snakes in Arizona. Rattlesnakes, even. Rattlesnakes that sometimes decide that a cool place (literally) to chill (again, literally, sorry) would be inside a pool noodle. As CBS News is reporting, a family in Buckeye, Arizona were thrilled* to discover not just one rattlesnake inside one of their pool noodles, but also a bunch of baby rattlesnakes.

In a Facebook post, the City of Buckeye Fire Department warned citizens to be on the lookout for danger noodles inhabiting their pool noodles:

Apparently, 2 pool noodles were left outside of the pool up against their cinderblock wall. The next time they went to use the pool, the pool noodles were picked up and brought to the swimming pool. Out popped a rattlesnake. The snake did not attack, but was concerned about the pool noodles as there were a couple of young rattlesnakes who were still inside the pool noodle.

They also handily included this video in the comments, which shows a man shaking the fuck out of a pool noodle with a rattlesnake in it, audibly rattling around:

Please do not shake snakes, it’s mean and just pisses them off.