Aptly-Named Death Valley Just Had The Hottest Month Ever Recorded On Earth

It’s been a hot bloody year, folks, but leave it to a place literally called Death Valley to have the hottest month ever recorded on Earth.

[jwplayer wl3O6ZaK]

Located in California, the appropriately named location clocked in a monthly average temperature of 42C for the first 30 days of July. Because we live in the future here in Australia, it still technically has to finish out the day with high temps and then go through an official review to take out the record, but as Gizmodo points out, it would need to average 32C and at 10am local time, it was already past 42C, so uh, it’s pretty safe to say that one’s in the bag. Furthermore, the official forecast puts its high at 49C and its low at 33C, making the average a tidy 42.2C.

The current record holder is also Death Valley, which set that shit last year with an average temperature of 41.9C. That’s one hot tamale, folks.

Temperatures are measured once daily at the location when some poor soul ventures outside the weather station to read two thermometers which record the highest and lowest readings of the day. The very hot place is also, believe it or not, a huge tourist attraction, with complete weirdos travelling there hoping to feel the hottest temperatures possible. Fuck to that.

If trending data is anything to go by, Death Valley will probably continue to get even hotter, with four out of the five of its set records occurring after during or after 2005. Records of temperatures in the area date back to 1911.

In summary, *taps mic*, FUCK IT’S HOT.