Apple’s New HealthKit Feature Kind Of Already Exists, And It Too Is Called HealthKit

Whoops. So it turns out that after Apple‘s big unveiling of new operating platforms iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite that they might have made some slight oversights in the ole’ researching phase. One of the big new features of the software was a new app hub called HealthKit, which will enable users to collate and input all their health and fitness needs in one easy-to-use hub, which will in turn allow people to better manage their own personal health concerns, as well as put you in touch with the right medical practitioner for you when the time arises. The slight problem with that, however, is that not only does this service already exist outside of Apple’s bubble, but it’s also called HealthKit.

The pre-existing HealthKit is an Australian company was founded by former Young Australian of the Year Alison Hardacre and former ANZ suit Lachlan Wheeler and does precisely the same thing that Apple’s new service is offering: all your health and fitness information in one easy-to-use hub, with direct access to specialised medical personnel when the time arises. They’ve even got the domain name and the Twitter handle all wrapped up already.
The non-Apple HealthKit addressed the issue in their blog: “So, today was interesting. I woke up at 4:30 am and turned to my Apple iPhone to check my emails. Someone had emailed me to ask whether Apple stomped all over your name or did we do a secret deal with them. Huh?! I got up and turned on my computer and checked our web stats, and discovered we had lots of people on the HealthKit site. A good thing, you’d think. No, not really.”

“Apple liked our HealthKit idea so much that they have used our name and launched a new product called HealthKit.

HealthKit is already in use, by us! Even the way they write it is the same as us. I’m flattered that they like our name so much and that it’s a ringing endorsement for our market opportunity (which we already knew).”

“However, as an Apple fan, I feel let down. They didn’t feel that they had to do a quick domain search – it would have taken 5 seconds to type into their browser and discover us. Would it have made any difference to them? Are they so big that they are above doing an ordinary Google search? Let us know what you think at @healthkit (yes, it’s our Twitter handle), or you can tell Apple’s CEO exactly how you feel about this on his Twitter handle, @tim_cook
Whether it’s a case of one hell of a coincidence, or whether it’s a case of Apple arrogantly ignoring the existing TradeMarks and intellectual property of a much smaller company in the hope they’d just roll over and die remains to be seen. One thing’s for certain though, it’s an embarrassing speed hump that the tech giant has no choice but to navigate.
Photo: Craig Federighi via Getty Images.