Apple Dropped iOS 10: Ya iMessages Bout To Get Crazy + Emojis Are 3x Bigger

Get prepared – Apple‘s new iPhone software has been announced, and it’s headed for your device in just a few short months. 
iOS 10 was announced at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) over night, and look – while you have the right to be cynical, there’s some updates in there that will nonetheless make your life and tech a little easier. 
  • Firstly, Siri. Aussies had a rough start with Siri, because she didn’t like or recognise our accents that well. But we’re chill with her now, she gets our excellent Aussie slang. And look, Apple knows we’re not here to fuck spiders, so they’ve finally made Siri open source.

    What does that mean? It means that third-party (non-Apple) apps can finally utilise Siri. So you’ll be able to say stuff like, “Siri, tell Nancy I’ll be 5 minutes late on WeChat“, and she’ll be able to do that. 

  • Apple Maps is also getting a much-needed upgrade, despite the fact that everyone ran quickly back to Google Maps after it’s disastrous premiere. But with iOS 10, Apple Maps will allow you to book an Uber, pay with Apple Pay, and do a bunch of handy stuff without actually leaving the app. 
  • Apple Music has had a huge facelift, too. Apparently almost every part of the app has been played around with, including a Recently Added section, a ‘For You’ curated playlist (like Spotify‘s ‘Discover Weekly’ section), and better search capabilities.

    It’ll have a major new redesign too, because the tech giant got a bunch of feedback saying people found the design confusing to use. So, it’ll look like this:

  • Remember Apple News? Nah, me neither. And that’s coming from a pop culture news writer. But the app now has some pretty major upgrades – it now comes with a news subscription support, breaking news notifications (how was that not already a thing?), and it’s had a major design overhaul. 
  • Homekit! Finally, Apple does the ‘control your home from your phone’ dealio. It’s heavily through Siri, so you can set up automations through her, and you can say ‘goodnight’ and she’ll turn lights off and shit for you. Because light switches are always too far away, y’know? 
  • Here’s a really bloody cool one – iMessage is gonna be way, way, WAY better. Firstly, Quick Typing will be nicer to you, and will autofill email address and your current location and so forth.

    Plus, iMessage will rich-link to articles you share, so it’ll pull snippets or photos from it in the message bubble. You can also share and play music in the iMessage app.

    BUT, the big thing that y’all gonna love is this: you can increase the text size to make it seem like your yelling/whispering, you can draw handwritten notes, AND you’ll have an optional feature called ‘invisible ink’ – the receiver has to swipe to see the message underneath, which will come in handy if you’re so inclined to send your significant other a certain kind of personal messages while they’re at work… if you know what I mean.

  • And finally, the bit you were waiting for and no doubt scrolled to the bottom for – EMOJIS! They’re THREE. TIMES. BIGGER. 

Well, not that big. But still bigger than what you’re used to. Plus, it allows you to tap to replace! So, ‘Want to grab some pizza after basketball?’ can be turned into ‘Wanna grab some  after ?‘ with just a tap on the word.
There’s also other cool things, like the Phone app recognising spam numbers, the Photos app allows you to automatically sort your images by Faces, and your Lockscreen will look and act a helluva lot nicer by receiving rich messages and notifications, giving you live status updates (for apps like Uber), and allowing you easier shortcuts.

So, that’s coming out in the US fall, so our spring; it’s usually around September. Fingers crossed everything works, yo. Cross ’em tightly.

Source: Supplied. 
Photo: Bloomberg / Getty.