Appeel For Info After Banana Crashes Local Council, Splits In Getaway Car

This story is B-A-N-A-N-A-S, but we know it to be true because someone was there to photograph it (thank you, God of Pranks).
Councillors were forced to adjourn Monday night’s Mitchell Shire Council meeting after it was gatecrashed by a guy dressed as a banana, who proceeded to hand out the fruit of his loins to everyone who’d take one.

Mayor Sue Marstaeller has copped a bit of flack for taking the mayoral car to Coffs Harbour – rightful home of the Big Banana – over the Christmas holidays, and Banana Man was presumably protesting the abuse of council’s councillor expenses policy, which was just about to be discussed when the fray occurred.
Marstaeller was less than impressed with the interruption.

“It was pretty disrespectful,” she said. “I asked this person to stop but they continued to hand out bananas to people so I was left with no choice but to adjourn the meeting.” 
Banana Man escaped into a waiting car, and last night’s meeting has been rescheduled to next Monday.
Councillors have appeeled to anyone with information about the identity of Banana Man.
Source and photo: Herald Sun.