NSW Is Banning Shops From Opening On ANZAC Day & Folks Are Already Pointing Out The Hypocrisy

Premier of New South Wales Chris Minns has announced that the retail trading ban on ANZAC Day will now extend for the whole day, in what he says is an effort for more folks to enjoy the public holiday and recognise the service of veterans. However not everyone thinks its the ‘respectful’ move it’s framed out to be.

Under the current rules, supermarkets and shops must stay closed until 1pm on ANZAC Day. However, the new ruling will mean that stores must stay closed until midnight.

Chris Minns declared the change was made because of the significance he believes ANZAC Day has to all Australians.

“As of next year, New South Wales will extend our retail trading restrictions across Anzac Day, to make sure our veterans are recognised and free to take part in services throughout the day,” Minns stated.

“It might be inconvenient for a few hours, but closing our biggest corporate shops for a single day is a small price to pay for living in a free and open democracy.” 

The changes will take effect by ANZAC Day (April 25), 2025.

What will be closed on ANZAC Day 2025?

Small businesses like cafes, chemists, markets, and news agencies will not be impacted by the change — so there’s still somewhere to grab a cheeky treat if you need something.

Most importantly this will not affect hospitality businesses.

AKA: Pubs will still be packed to the brim with people trying to play Two-Up. Just like the diggers would have wanted.

Two-Up at a bar in Canberra on ANZAC Day. (Photo by Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images)

The NSW Government made the choice to extend restrictions after consulting with the public between September and October last year, who supported full-day bans on retail. Most states in Australia have substantial restrictions on retail and trading on ANZAC Day.

RSL NSW President Mick Bainbridge stated that he welcomed the support of the government to ensure the day was observed respectfully.

“Too often, the pastoral needs of veterans, and the friends and families who support them, are overlooked. This is an opportunity for them to take time away from work on this special day to commemorate their service,” said Bainbridge.

The change has been criticised by many online however, who highlighted the hypocritical nature of banning people from things like retail shopping, but not pokies or gambling.

“If Anzac Day closures were about respect and remembrance surely we wouldn’t condone football matches, all day pub trading and pokies,” wrote someone on X (formerly Twitter).

The NRL, who traditionally play a round of matches on ANZAC Day, have not been impacted by the change.

Because you gotta have something to watch on the tele/gamble on when you’re waiting in line at the RSL.

But ducking down to the supermarket to pick up bread? Horrendous. Unpatriotic. How dare you.

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