Controversial American anti-vaccination idiot Sherri Tenpenny has been moved to cancel her eleven scheduled appearances across Australia at seminars and dinners which espoused the benefits of wilfully exposing children to preventable illnesses and dangerous, communicable diseases – a bargain at $200 a pop. 

Tenpenny – who believes that vaccinations are the direct cause of autism, ADHD, asthma and auto-immune disorders despite the scientifically proven fact that no such link exists – posted a statement on her Facebook page overnight blaming “anti-free speech terrorists” and “pro-vaccine extremists [who] have made continual, anonymous threats of vandalism and violence” for this devastating loss:

“I was coming to speak as an invited guest. However, given the level of hostility that has transpired over the last three weeks, and for the sake of my own personal safety, I have also cancelled my planned vacation in Australia.”

R.I.P. your poor vacation Sherri. Praying for you.

In previous weeks, as many as eight of Tenpenny’s scheduled venues withdrew their support of the seminars for obvious reasons. Her Queensland based tour organiser Stephanie Messenger is also reportedly linked to the not-actually-a-church Church of Conscious Living, a registered business that – as we reported yesterday – was created so that parents could gain exemption from vaccinating their children on the grounds of ‘religious objection’.  

“We can no longer guarantee the safety of those attending the seminar,” wrote Messenger in their joint statement on Tenpenny’s Facebook page

“Some people were planning to bring babies.”

Anti-Vaccination Campaigner Cancels Australian Tour “For Reasons Of Safety and Security”

Photo via Facebook; via The ABC