Anti-Procrastination App Deletes Your Work If You Stop Typing For 5 Secs

Hello, do you enjoy a state of heightened anxiety?

Then boy, do we have a nightmare website for you! Called The Most Dangerous Writing App, it’s an anti-procrastination / torture-device of a thing. Essentially, if you stop typing for more than five seconds, it will delete every single thing you’ve written.
It was launched last week by software-type person Manuel Ebert, and it’s already inspired at least two Medium posts where the writer trialled typing on MDWA and posted the results. (See: HERE and HERE.)

It’s obviously not designed for anything approaching ‘good’ content – whatever you produce will likely end up somewhere on the spectrum of shit – but useful applications include brain-dumping and stream-of-consciousnes therapy. Unfortunately, un-useful applications apply to pretty much everything else. C’est la vie
We can’t with good conscious recommend you try it, but if you *want* to give it a go, head here: But probably don’t.
Photo: Bruce Almighty.