Following the US Supreme Court‘s landmark ruling in favour of marriage equality today, things on Twitter took a nasty turn on the Nope train to FuckThat-Ville, as Australia started to become anti-marriage equality supporters’ new destination of choice. 

To be clear: the overwhelming swells of support for same-sex marriage ruling online today has been nothing but life-affirming. The White House tasted the rainbow by lighting up in honour of the historic news. Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube all joined in. Niagara Falls, the Brandenburg Gate and other sights across the world also lit up in ROYGBIV colours. Ian McKellen blasted “We Are The Champions” on Vine

Love won.

But for every movement, haters will hate; we just weren’t expecting our country to be the new symbolic heartland of anti-LGBT rights. 

On Twitter today, some users have decried America’s ruling, with the phrase “I’m moving to Australia” cropping up in disconcerting numbers.

The joke is, of course on them: Australia is just as fabulous, if not more accepting of same sex marriage than the US, despite what our legislation lacks. 

A counter-fight against those vowing to move to Australia has thankfully emerged on twitter. Bless.

Today, Education Minister Christopher Pyne instilled some confidence among us in the progress of a marriage equality bill passing in Australia, claiming the issue might be “back on the agenda” when Parliament returns in August, following its winter break.

Lead image by Lisa Maree Williams via Getty.