Anthony Lister And SheOne Take On ABCs

Art exhibition Letterheads celebrates our A, B, Cs and then some (specifically, D to Z) featuring a works by a full alphabet’s worth of artists including: American artists Anthony Lister and SP.ONE; Kami and Sasu from Japan; local artists Ghost Patrol, Reka, Meggs and Puzle.

It’s a typographic extravaganza that brings together twenty-six contemporary artists (that’s one for each letter of the alphabet) to each re-envision a single letter of the English alphabet to create a collection that explores the influence of the ubiquitous letterform in all aspects of contemporary art. a re-visioning of the English alphabet by 26 of the most influential emerging and established contemporary artists in the world today.

Typography isn’t just for design wankers and Sesame Street alphabet segments – it is a really powerful medium:

Wes Anderson is as synonymous with Futura Bold as he is with Owen Wilson. Microsoft and Times New Roman used to go hand-in-hand (before they made Calibri the default font, thank god). Everyone knows that Helvetica makes designers cream their jeans. And The Love Sculpture is Robert Indiana’s giant 3D tribute to Clarendon Black – and one of the art world’s most copyright-abused work in history.

Letterheads will show in Melbourne then in Sydney, and is an exhibition well worth checking out to view the works by high-profile and emerging artists from around the world:

Graeme Base (AUS)
Mark Bode (USA)
SheOne (UK)
Shun Kawakami (JAP)
Craig (KR) Costello (USA)
Meggs (AUS)
Ghost Patrol (AUS)
James Reka (AUS)
Greg (SP.ONE) Lamarche (USA)
Mr Jago (UK)
Kami (JAP)
Luca Ionescu (AUS)
Anthony Lister (USA)
Kid Zoom (AUS)
Sasu (JAP)
Sync (AUS)
James (Jagi)
Greenaway (AUS)
Scott (Bonsai) Neo (AUS)
Usugrow & Bene (JAP)
TwoOne (AUS)
Kano One7two (AUS)
Shohei Takasaki (JAP)
Phibs (AUS)
French (UK)
Yusk (BRZ)
Puzle (AUS)

Exhibition details:

26 February – 19 March
1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne.

30 April – 28 May
Red Bull Gallery, Huntly St and Burke Rd Alexandria.

Letterheads 2010 website