Anthony Lister and Brett Chan Unveil Art Inspired Kid’s Show

Brett Chan boasts an enviable set of skills. Like, mad enviable. Peruse his website and it’s clear why the New Zealand born, Sydney based artist, skateboarder, photographer and filmmaker is already on polymath status but when we caught up with Chan at the ABSOLUT Glimmer wrap party in Melbourne late last year, he unveiled yet another string to his proverbial bow.

Turns out Chan and fellow artist Anthony Lister have been working on a kid’s TV show centered around art. Explains Chan: “We just shot the pilot for it but I think it’s going to be a hit because it’s kids telling a story and then three modern Australian or worldwide artists doing a mural for them live and it’s called “Paint My Story”“.

Australian Art Attack? Yes please. If the pilot gets approved, Blink Films will produce the series which will then air somewhere on the ABC. Check out the interview below…