Anthony Albanese GET UP! Get OFF That Chair What Are You DOING?

anthony albanese piers morgan

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has continued his grand tour of hanging out with heinous men by sitting down with Piers Morgan for an interview. To make matters worse, the chat took place shortly after a visit to King Charles III, during which he promised to publicly swear allegiance to the crown. My brother in parliament, what the fuck are you doing?

Fresh from Kyle Sandilands‘ $1M wedding, Albanese has chosen only the most respected journalist in all of the UK to interview him: Piers S. Morgan (the S stands for slime).

This is the same Piers Morgan who quit his real job on Good Morning Britain because people didn’t want to hear him talk shit about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the former of which he has a rather… complicated relationship. Complicated as in he kinda had a thing for her and the sight of her face sends him into a jealous tizzy. Jealous tizzy as in he isn’t afraid to say dumb racist shit about her.

He then started up Piers Morgan Uncensored with help from Sky News Australia so he could dish out his opinion freely. Thanks, Sky News.

In the interview with Albanese, Morgan asked hard-hitting questions such as “what is a woman?”. I think that one was just Morgan asking out of genuine curiosity, but alas, that was the level of meaningless chat he was engaging in.

Albanese told Morgan that a “woman” is “an adult female”, which is basically like answering “what is a dog” with “a canine”.

It’s pretty clear that Morgan, with his right-wing stance on most matters, is coming from a position of trans-exclusionary rhetoric. The usual binary way of thinking about sex and gender that old white men get real hard over.

“I think that we need to respect people for whoever they are,” said Albanese.

Morgan, who hasn’t excelled in a sport for the last 58 years of his life then grilled Albo on the “issue” of trans athletes in sport. You know, pressing things that keep him up at night.

“That’s an example in that the sporting organisations are dealing with that issue,” answered Albanese.

“My view is the sporting organisations should deal with that issue.”

Again, this a non-answer that both keeps the idiocy of Morgan at bay (it really isn’t worth arguing back and forth with him) but also disappoints swathes of Albanese’s left-leaning followers who voted him into the position of Prime Minister because he has a spine. Apparently not when talking about issues pertaining to trans Aussies who are so often the topic of hateful debates such as this one. Disappointing.

The pair also engaged in a chat about cancel culture (but of course), during which Albanese said it was a “sad development”, using Barry Humphries as an example.

Humphries received quite a bit of backlash during his life for disgusting anti-trans remarks, followed by vehement support for fellow transphobe J.K. Rowling.

“I think that we’ve got to be able to laugh at ourselves,” Albanese said.

“But a bit like rewriting some books. It is what it is at the time.

“That’s the context and I think that the idea of cancel culture is, in my view, a sad development because you often can get, as well, the pile-on of social media. And you see it happen so often and things quite often too are taken out of context.”

I dunno chief, there are only so many ways you can take hateful comments. The man just didn’t agree with trans people existing. Sure, many people loved him, but you can’t deny that he profited off of queer aesthetics only to turn his back on the entire queer community.

There was a pretty anti-trans sentiment to a lot of Morgan’s lines of questioning during his interview with Albanese.

This isn’t surprising at all considering the fact that most right-wing people have a sick obsession with trans people’s lives and success in the world.

It’s just upsetting that Albanese used this interview as an opportunity to show right-leaning Aussies that he’s centrist as fuck. It’s so clear to see what he’s doing here. He’s risking a slither of his popularity with the left to win over more of the right by taking middling stances on trans rights and “cancel culture”.

He’s not as thick-headed as Scott Morrison, who would waddle into a dimly lit cave if it invited him in for a chat, and I think that’s what’s more upsetting. Albanese knows what he’s doing here. It’s calculated and pre-planned. It just pains me to see him do things he would happily criticise others for doing (could you imagine if Morrison went to the UK just to chat with Morgan?).

Lastly, Albanese confirmed to Morgan that he will publicly swear allegiance to King Charles III.

“I’m a republican, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the institution,” he said.

Again, another sentence that could literally be re-worded to “I’m left-wing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not right-wing”.

I commend Albanese for playing the political game the way he is, but considering there isn’t an election for a while I have no idea why he’s concerned with being chummy with right-wing Aussies right now. Maybe he just wants to occupy the spaces Peter Dutton usually does to show that he can do so while maintaining most of his left-leaning values. Who knows?

Just don’t sit with fkn idiots like Piers Morgan again please, centrist king.