Net Zero By 2050 My Ass: The Albanese Govt Approved 47,000 Sq Km Of Ocean For Gas Drilling

Net Zero By 2050 My Ass: The Albanese Govt Approved 47,000 Sq Km Of Ocean For Gas Drilling anthony albanese

Anthony Albanese‘s government has given the green light to open up nearly 47,000 sq km of Aussie waters for “important” ocean gas and oil exploration. I feel like avoiding things that will ultimately destroy the planet is more “important” than offshore petroleum explorations. No? Just me? Did you fuckers learn nothing from FernGully?

Yep, our glorious solution to Scott Morrison is not without his own flaws. Despite aiming for “net zero” emissions by 2050, the Albanese government would like us to drill into our marine ecosystems. I guess if we never make it to 2050 nobody can hold him to his promise??

Ten areas have been opened up for exploration (with permit) along Victoria, the Northern Territory and Western Australia’s coast.

According to Resources Minister Madeleine King, having this oceanic acreage opened up for Aussie companies to drill into is a necessary evil and will “play an important role in securing future energy supplies”.

“At the same time as we strive to reduce emissions, it must be emphasised that continued exploration for oil and gas in commonwealth waters is central to alleviating future domestic gas shortfalls.

“Australia’s energy sector also continues to support international energy security, particularly during the global turbulence caused largely by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Miss King, we actually make more than enough gas. Most of it is just exported so companies can make a larger profit.

Naturally, the Albanese government’s plans have perturbed disturbed disgruntled and distressed the members of the Greens party. After all, something of this fucked-up scale is against literally all of their principles — the first of all being that the ocean is NOT green.

Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson told the Guardian that Labor was making “a mockery of its own weak climate target”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

“We already have enough oil and gas in reserves to trigger catastrophic climate change to our planet.

“There’s no plausible excuse for Labor to put our marine ecosystems in jeopardy for the sake of a few profit-driven interests, to drill for the exact same product that is killing our oceans.”

Earlier this year it was reported that Australia has the highest amount of greenhouse gas pollution from coal per person than literally any other developed country on Earth.

We’re doing enough to fuck up the planet as it is, do we really need to be drilling into the ocean?