It’s About To Get Even Colder, Ushering In More “Fuck It’s Cold” Office Chats

Get ready for your nipples to enter permanent stiff mode, folks, because it’s about to get really fucking cold pretty much everywhere.

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Something called an Antarctic air blast” – which sounds a lot like a mid-90s black metal album – is pushing cold fronts across the country, dropping temperatures to as low as -14 degrees Celsius at some ski fields. And while you’re probably already feeling the effects of this cold-ass front, it’s apparently going to get colder.

According to Weatherzone meteorologists, one of these cold fronts hit towards the end of the weekend and is now across the south-east border of Australia, reports. A second cold front is now being pushed by the aforementioned Antartic blast – which sounds a lot like a brand of gum – and will continue to drop temps, ushering in a week of “fuck it’s cold” office chats.

If you’re into skiing/snowboarding, you’ll be chuffed to hear that cold weather has brought the first big snowfall two weeks ahead of the official ski season, with a further 40cm expected to fall before the end of the week.

Perisher copped at least 20cm of snow over the last couple of days, with temps dropping as low as -6C. Mt Buller also got around 20cm, while Falls Creek received upwards of 28cm. Shred the gnar, etc.

Once the cold fronts pass, meteorologists reckon the skies will clear over multiple states, and while that sounds like a good thing, it actually means that daytime heat won’t be trapped in, so nights and mornings will be cold as all fuck in a lot of areas.

In Sydney, you’re looking at max temps no higher than 21C for the rest of the week, hovering around a max of 19C for most days. Melbourne‘s gonna be even colder, with max temps halted at about 16C all week.

There are also weather warnings in place in areas stretching from Sydney to Canberra where winds could reach speeds of 90km/h, causing “blizzard-like” conditions, 9News reports.

In summary: It’s fucking cold.