Another Human Foot Has Washed Up In Canada, Bringing Total To 18

Here’s a genuine creepy gruesome mystery to end your evening with: a human foot in a sneaker has washed up on the shore of British Columbia, and it is far from the first time it’s happened.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (i.e. mounties), the shoe was discovered by a man walking his dog on a beach on Vancouver Island. Apparently the dog came across the grisly find, which comprised a human foot, with part of the leg still attached, inside a trainer.

This makes the 18th unidentified foot to wash up on the stretch of coast between Canada and the United States since 2007, and authorities still have no idea what the heck is going on.

Coroners have only been able to identify six people from the feet, and consider most of them to have died by accident or by suicide.

While people are obviously running wild with theories about psycho serial killers chopping people’s feet off, forensic experts reckon it’s a pretty simple explanation: enclosed shoes like sneakers act like a flotation device, sailing their morbid cargo in on the tide.

Mounties still don’t know the identity of the owner of this particular foot, which was found in a size 12 New Balance sneaker.