‘Animaniacs’ Is Your Latest Precious Childhood Memory Set For A Reboot

There’s two types of people in this world: People who do like ‘Animaniacs,’ and people who are wrong.
The Steven Spielberg-produced 90s cartoon which not only brought us the chaotic wonder of the Warner Brothers (and Warner Sister) Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, but also the genetically modified and maniacal Pinky & The Brain, finished its original 99-episode TV run back in 1998.
But a recent surge in popularity thanks to the blessed Netflix putting the old episodes online for streaming has apparently piqued the interest of studio executives. And, as such, the show is now looming as the next cab off the rank for a good old-fashioned reboot.
Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation are reportedly shopping around an updated version of the hit series, which Spielberg originally developed as a follow-up to the similarly-successful ‘Tiny Toon Adventures.’
IndieWire reports that the reboot is currently in the very early stages of development, but even still Spielberg is expected to come on-board in an executive producer role should the project get up. The potential new series is without a home for the time being, but rebooted nostalgia properties are big business (Warner‘s last major reboot was ‘Fuller House,’ which is one of the most-watched Netflix series of all-time), so that can really only be a matter of time.
The original series was widely critically acclaimed, not only for its broad appeal to a younger audience, but also for its extremely subtle adult humour as well.
During its run throughout the 90s the series picked up 8 Daytime Emmy Awards, as well as a prestigious Peabody Award in 1993.
The loosely-structured show featured sketches and skits from recurring characters, as well as one of the most memorable theme tunes in cartoon history. And be damned if it doesn’t still well and truly hold up today.

Informative, clever, and funny as hell. This one’s a slam dunk, folks.

Source: IndieWire.