An Australian MP has absolutely humiliated the Federal Government, comparing their recent announcements and media messages to Betoota Advocate headlines. And, frankly, I cannot tell them apart. These spot-the-difference games are getting harder by the press conference.

Anika Wells is a Federal Member for Lilley and a member of the Australian Labor Party. Earlier this week during parliament, she called out Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government and their recent announcements towards young people’s fears of the housing market, those suffering from the fourth state-wide lockdown in Victoria, and the drama surrounding Harvey Norman co-founder and executive chairman Gerry Harvey.

“Is this a Betoota [Advocate] headline or is this a real Morrison Government announcement?” she asked at Question Time to the House of Representatives, Canberra.

“’Treasurer Tells Young First Home Buyers Being Crushed By An Investment Driven Housing Market Of His Own Making To Get A Better Job’?”

Any takers? No? Well then: “Treasurer [Josh Frydenberg].

“Government Asks Youth To Use Their Retirement Savings To Prop Up Hyper-Inflated Property Market?’”

“Betoota!” someone in the room shouts before the non-existent buzzer buzzes back ‘Wrong!’ Tragically, that house market problemo is a real thing that we are facing right now and I hate that for us. In fact, a recent survey, via our sister site Business Insider, found that almost half of young Aussies are willing to use their superannuation to afford a house, and oh, won’t someone think of the children?

Anyway, yes, there is a lovingly sweet jab at Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, his $400k salary, and his recent comment that one week without pay is “not a long time”, too You can watch the full zinger below.


Let’s play a game: Betoota Advocate headline or Morrison Government policy? #auspol

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It’s worth noting that only one out of the four supposed headlines Wells brings up are actual Betoota Advocate headlines. Sure, there’s a bias here seeing that she’s a Labor member criticising a Liberal government, but you can’t deny how shocking that is. What this says about our state of politics right now is that the Federal Government is so divorced from the reality that everyday young Australians are facing that we can’t tell the difference between real policies and satire, and that’s undeniably disheartening.

After Victoria’s lockdown was extended, the government announced that it would offer some Melbournians affected by the recent lockdown a one-off payment of up to $500. Elsewhere, Scott Morrison, a man who lives outside of Victoria, told Australians that the secret to beating the virus is through “resilience”. Look, I have to laugh otherwise I’ll cry.

A Betoota Advocate game starring the Federal Government’s clusterfuck of announcements from 2021 will be on shelves in gaming and puzzle stores soon.