Andrew Nolch, who vandalised the public memorial site of murdered Melbourne woman Eurydice Dixon before her vigil in 2018, lost his jail term appeal this week, mere hours after he challenged it.

After initially dodging jail for painting a 25m penis on the public memorial at Princes Park by instead being handed an 18-month community-based order after his guilty plea, Nolch was sentenced to five months prison in May this year. He was found to be breaching court orders by travelling overseas twice without permission from his parole officer.

This week, 30-year-old Nolch filed a challenge to the jail term, which was denied within hours, with the Court of Appeal noting that a five-month prison term was moderate considering the seriousness of his repeated breaches, The Age reports.

It’s reported Justice Mark Wienberg said that Nolch’s appeal against his conviction was “utterly stupid”, and believed breaching his court orders by travelling overseas was something “even more stupid.”

He is also still required to pay $19,500 in combined restitution to Fire Rescue Victoria (formerly MFB) and the Melbourne City Council who covered up the graffiti and replaced the turf at the Princes Park site.

Image: Getty Images / Darrian Traynor