Man Charged With Defacing Eurydice Dixon’s Memorial Named As 31 Y.O. Comedian

31-year-old Melbourne comedian Andrew Nolch has been named by The Age as the man charged by police with defacing the memorial of Eurydice Dixon.

In a statement last week, Victoria Police said that they had arrested a 31-year-old man and that he would be facing court August 10th. Before The Age broke the story this evening, screenshots had been circulating on social media of an August 10th court appointment in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court naming the accused as Andrew Nolch. According to The Age, he has been charged with “criminal damage, offensive behaviour and marking offensive graffiti“.

Nolch, who describes himself as an “independent Scientologist, had previously posted on his public Facebook page accusing the media of using Dixon’s death to demonise men and, in another post made the day after the memorial was vandalised, criticised the media for how they described the person who did it:

Its interesting how the media and some radio host said the vandals of the Eurydice Dixon Memorial are the “lowest of the lows” when well clearly they are not, the murderer is the lowest of the lows but hey they are not going to say that because hes austistic and clearly they want to blame this whole tradgedy (sic) not on killer nutter but on males. The prime minister and all of the mainstream media kept saying “men you need to do better”. What an outrage, how dare they blame males for this when its so obvious that normal males dont do this.

Roughly two hours after The Age posted their story, Nolch posted and pinned a Facebook post seemingly claiming responsibility for the vandalism:

In addition to his anti-vaxxer stance, Nolch has used his Facebook page to talk about a number of things ranging from his belief that chemtrails are being used to control our behaviour to his belief that race is a significant component in IQ and that people from supposed ‘low IQ’ countries would struggle in Australia:

Although the left keep promoting multiculturalism and more immigrants as a good thing its actually not good and unfair on foreignors (sic). Studies have shown that the IQs of the races are different therefore if your (sic) African and you leave a country where most people have a similar IQ to yours and go to Australia, your (sic) going to struggle, you have to compete with Asians and Jews to find a job and they have higher IQs. So your (sic) bound to get the lower paying job because the smartest person gets hired. This is why I wouldnt try and get a maths job in Japan, they are just quicker at maths than me whose (sic) a whitey. . . This is why Aboriginals were ruined by white people coming to Australia, they just cant compete with us in the workplace, its not because we are racist or anything, they literally struggle to read and no ones gona (sic) hire someone who cant read! Aboriginals have an average IQ of 60, jews is 110. This is pure fact. You could say God or evolution is a racist but facts are facts.

He is due to face court in August.