Andrew Bolt Has Been Injured After Falling Out Of A Tree

Conservative columnist Andrew Bolt has suffered a raft of injuries after falling out of a tree at his home.

Bolt was reportedly pruning a tree at his property in suburban Melbourne when he fell off the 3.5 metre ladder he had climbed, injuring his left wrist – which required surgical pinning – as well as several ribs.

Bolt spoke to the Herald Sun and stated that he was extremely fortunate that his injuries were relatively minor, given that he landed on a patch of grass in between a concrete bench and a garden pathway.

The injuries will delay his 2018 return to his at some times prickly and at others utterly baffling blog at the Herald Sun. However his regular Herald Sun column, as well as his conservative circle jerk TV slot on Sky News are both scheduled to return on February 5th.

Bolt was initially scheduled to resume his blogging duties after the public holiday long weekend, however an internal email circulated to Murdoch press editors reportedly confirmed he will be taking a little while off to ensure his wrist heals perfectly and unquestionably straight.

No word on the condition of the ladder was immediately available.