Perhaps overshadowed by New Zealand, Saturday night’s other election was in the ACT, where incumbent Chief Minister Andrew Barr secured another four years for his government. The whole thing was a pretty typical affair until Barr kissed his husband on live TV, a groundbreaking moment which resonated with people all over the country.

With Labor in the lead and likely to form a minority government with The Greens in the coming weeks, the win marks the sixth consecutive Labor government in the ACT. Barr and his husband, Anthony Toms, celebrated by walking out to Lady Gaga‘s “The Edge of Glory”, making a huge stride for Little Monster representation on the political scene.

“We’ve had an extraordinary series of challenges thrown at us, as a city and as a community, and we’ve got through it because we’ve worked together,” Barr told an ecstatic crowd.

“We’ve got through it because we’ve applied progressive values to our government decisions and because we’ve applied compassion and we haven’t left people behind.”

Shortly after, he kissed his partner of 20 years, who he was finally able to marry last year.

“We met in this city, been together nearly 21 years, about to have our first wedding anniversary,” Barr said.

“Anthony, I love you.”

While a quick kiss of the opposite-sex kind happens at pretty much all election victories, Barr is the first member of a same-sex couple lead a party to victory in Australia, ever.

You can watch his speech in its entirety here.

While it’s not the very first time this has happened (Barr has also kissed his partner at previous election victories, ‘cos the man keeps on winning), many Aussies still couldn’t help but appreciate what a rare pleasure it is to see.

One person called it “immensely powerful”, while another called it a “beautiful moment”.

“I really, really like how he feels so comfortable in his skin that he can hug and kiss his partner on national TV,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“Actually had to check that I wasn’t seeing a doctored photo,” said another person.

“Makes me SO happy that the next gen will have these relationships normalised and visible.”

Of course, having a same-sex partner (and kissing them on live TV) doesn’t automatically make someone a woke bae or whatever.

It’s important not to let these admittedly beautiful moments cloud our judgement of their policy and leadership.

That said, it was still a special milestone, and one which will hopefully become more and more common in future.