Oh, 50 Cent. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. By now we’ve all seen more than our fair share of celebrities throwing cold water over themselves in the name of charity. And (unless anything tops this, which we sincerely doubt) this will be the last ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video we post. Because this one is the one. That’s it. It’s not going to get any better than this whatsoever. Nothing’s going to come close. Go home. Show’s over. Absolutely no refunds.

You see, because *reasons* Fiddy and Floyd Mayweather have been quibbling at each other on and off. Why? No idea. Mayweather threw a little shade 50’s way in a recent interview, essentially calling him irrelevant. And yet 50 continues to poke back at Floyd with the kind of cavalier attitude you’ve come to know and love from Mr. Jackson. Floyd Mayweather is a legitimately stupendous boxer and the world’s richest athlete who starts every day with a sponge bath administered by his assistant (seriously) who could come at Fifty with the rage of a thousand suns. And yet when 50 Cent looks upon that, suddenly he becomes Fiftymandias.

Look on my fucks, ye mighty! And despair! (For there are none to give).

So what does Fiddy do? Trolls the absolute living shit out of Mayweather on Instagram.

First, there was this.

Accompanied by the caption (reprinted as written): “I just woke up, Floyd you know better.don’t get me started you paid a private investorgater to find miss J. You love her man and Nelly took her. Lmao the n***a swoop down like a bird outta the sky. He to tall champ you can’t you win. Lol

And then, hopping on the Ice Bucket Challenge bandwagon, he casually calls Mayweather illiterate.

Floyd will you except my ALS/ESL CHALLENGE: I will donate $750k to a charity of your choice, If you can read a full page out of a Harry Potter book out loud without starting and stopping or fucking up. lmao

Never change, 50 Cent. Never, ever change.

Photo: Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images.